GEN3 Liquid Runway Deicer

Gen3 Liquid Runway Deicer formulation is new technology chemistry that offers outstanding performance levels and also resolves the airport and aircraft corrosion issues caused by traditional potassium 50% de-icers. Conforming to SAE G12 AMS 1435 certification, GEN3 reduces brake decay and wiring oxidation whilst offering a cost effective, non-toxic and biodegradable solution. Furthermore the formula, which combines polyols with a variety of organic salts and bio-based additives, does not have any glycols in its makeā€“up ensuring friction improvements are maximized on active runways and taxiways.

Key Benefits

Airports Save

Superior holdover.

Extended life for infrastructure and ground support vehicles

Tailored logistics planning ensures on time deliveries every time.

Used and endorsed by airports worldwide.


Airlines Save

Extends the lifespan of carbon brakes.

Does not damage wiring.

Does not damage cadmium plating.

Airports spend less benefitting airline budgets